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Adelaide has some great leafy suburbs and areas but with beautiful leafy areas comes the need to adequately deal with leaf blocked gutters. Its usually not until a random significant rain event that people realise just how blocked their gutters have been. Water cascading over gutters edge or back flowing into eaves the usual visual cue that gutters are not flowing or blocked. Following the installation of premium aluminium colour coated gutter mesh to your gutters, the above issues and worries will be a thing of the past. Virtually maintenance free our gutter guard delivers great long term value for any Adelaide home owner.


We undertake many gutter replacement projects around Adelaide, usually several per week. Many past clients have elected to have gutters replaced and gutter guard installed in the same event. This ensures the new gutters are installed clean and free of debris and stay that way. It is also the same tradesperson to do both jobs and therefore saves the home owner. Having both jobs done at the same time often delivers the best value to the home owner as the gutter mesh will never need to be detached to allow for a future gutter replacement.
Adelaide Gutter Replacement Cost
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The biggest benefit of gutter guard or gutter leaf mesh is the fact that your roof and gutters will be virtually maintenance free. Just requiring the odd blow down with a cordless leaf blower to shift any leaves that may be sitting on top of the mesh, your gutters and downpipes will remain completely leaf free on a permanent basis. The fine gutter mesh we use is colour match to the roof and has a small opening of 1.9mm. The mesh is of significant benefit in bushfires zones as it is resistant to Embers.


If your house roof needs a restoration then there is no better time to have your old gutters replaced. Often the corner hip capping tiles need to be pushed up and slightly broken during the gutter replacement but this matters not when we follow the gutter replacement with a full roof restoration as all the hip cap tiles are repointed. We usually plan to clean the old dirty roof while the old gutters are still in place. This ensures that no debris and moss and flushed into the new gutters. This process ensures the best finished result for the whole job.
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Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated roofing, guttering and gutter guard business servicing the local area. When you make a phone call to us it won’t go through to a national call centre. The person that inspects your roof will issue the quote and then manage the job to completion.

Tradesmen not salesmen

The person that comes to your house is a tradesman of many years experience that really knows guttering and roofing. We are not a company that sends you a high pressure sales person with no real industry experience who will probably be selling Indoor blinds at his next appointment. We don’t play sales games either. 

We generally give you a fixed price quote verbally at our roof inspection and then follow it up with a formal quote by email.

No “for a limited time only” No, “If you sign up today we will give you a fake discount” No, “Free plasma TV for this week only” We just give up front discussion and quote with no games.

Backing of the big name manufacturers!

We might be a small company but through a proven history of quality work, we have the backing of some of the big name suppliers in the Roofing and guttering Industry. We use top quality roof and gutter components from Blue Scope Colourbond and Revolution Roofing on all our gutter replacement projects. These products are the best that money can buy and have the longest and strongest warranties to back them up.

No Money down!

We have a no money upfront policy. While other companies charge a hefty deposit and often ask for a percentage of the job upfront to lock you in, we don’t play any of those games. We just ask for a $100 deposit and don’t ask for a cent more until your gutter guard installation is fully complete and you are 100% happy with the job. No risk, No pressure. No BS.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry via the website. We use the latest ariel satellite technology and in most cases we can send you a formal gutter guard quote within minutes.

Specialists in Gutter Guard

We just do roofing, guttering and gutter guard and do it really well. We won’t try to sell you Roller shutters or Solar panels or steak knives or pizzas! Roofing and guttering is what we know and love and the only thing we do. Don’t go with a company that sells everything under the sun, they can’t possibly take their guttering as seriously as we do.

Fully Licensed Professionals

We are a fully licensed Building Work Contractor.

Great Reviews

We have 5 star Google reviews. All written by real people. No fake reviews here.


Yes the gutter mesh is available in virtually all popular Colourbond Colours. We will ensure the colour matches your roof and the mesh is less noticeable for this.

Yes Oz-Roof is a fully licenced building work contractor. Our licence can be check on the OCBA website.

Yes. Due to its fine aperture of 1.9mm the mesh is resistant to ember attack and is of significant benefit in bushfire zones.

This always depends on the quantity of mesh being installed but a typical corrugated roof will take around 3 days and a tiles roof will take around 4 days.

This always depends on the size and complexities of the job. Typically a metal or corrugated roof will cost close to $4000+GST while a tiled roof will be closer to $4500+GST. This is assuming a single story house and a gutter run of around 65 metres.

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