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We can undertake a roof painting on your property to the highest standards in the Industry. With the support of the best roof painting supplier in the industry, being Dulux we are able to forward each of our customers a 15 year roof painting warranty.  Our roof painting process is fastidious with no corners cut and nothing rushed.  We pride ourselves on offering a great value service to Adelaide home owners by charging a reasonable rate for a top quality uncompromised outcome.

Contact us now at 0484 582 133 to schedule a consultation with our expert roofing painters. Let us help you transform your home’s exterior with our top-quality roof painting services!

Adelaide Roof painting is the only thing we do

If your roof needs painting then contact All Roof Restoration Adelaide. We are dedicated to roof painting and roof restoration and nothing else. While other companies are distracted offering every type of home improvement service under the sun we just stick to one thing and do it really well. We don’t have sales people and we don’t sell gimmicks. For the best roof painting in Adelaide contact us for and estimate.

Tile Roof Painting

With roof painting every 15 – 20 years a concrete tile roof can really out last the house on which it stands. Concrete tile roof painting ensures the tiles are not left in a porous state and absorbing water with each and every rain event. Other obvious bonuses being massively increased street appear and the option to change colour regardless of original tile colour.


Roof Painting

Every finished roof painting job completed by All Roof Restoration Adelaide comes with an additional warranty from Dulux. Being a certified Dulux applicator we are able to pass on this fantastic warranty from Dulux, the industry leader in Roof Paint and membranes in Australia.

Roof Cleaning

Extensive roof pressure cleaning is undertaken. Where possible we use our Whirlaway machine to avoid excessive mess on the ground and to the neighbouring properties. Particular attention is paid to remove all traces of dirt and grime to give the primer a good clean surface to bond to.

Roof Repairs

All broken and chipped tiles are replaced. Any broken roof battens are changed and any flashings requiring replacement or over sealing are done at this stage.


Each and every cap tile is re-pointing with flexible polymer based pointing compound. Gone are the days of pointing in sand and cement as this was very prone to cracking with the slightest roof movement.

Roof Coating

The final and most important stage of the Roof Painting process is the coating stage. At All Roof Restorations we only use the absolute best primer from Dulux, being the Hi-Build primer. While the cost of this primer is a little higher the benefits are well worth it. The finished result after two further generous of Colour coat are applied speak for them self.

Solar Panels and Roof Painting

On roofs that are less than 25 years in age we often recommend out clients to leave their solar panel array in place and just allow us to mask them up and coat around them. Occasionally we may inspect a roof that is a little older and tiles that appear to be quite porous and in these cases we recommend spending a little more and having the solar panels temporarily removed and re-installed after the roof painting is completed. We have several great solar electricians that are doing solar work for us every week so all the arranging is over to us.


Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated Adelaide Roof Painting business and not part of a larger company or national franchise system like many other roof painting companies.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in roof painting and nothing else. We don’t have any sales people, just Trades people. The person you speak to on the phone or when having your roof inspected has significant personal experience with roof painting and wasn’t selling TVs at Harvey Norman last week.

Quality Products

For all our roof panting projects We only use the best quality products from Dulux. The Dulux Roof painting and coating products are Australian made and the best in the industry. They come with the longest, strongest warranties and best product support.

Quality Work

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality finished painted roofs to the Adelaide public. We are not a quick and cheap type model. We offer mid range pricing with top quality work and therefore offer a great value option to the Adelaide home owner.

$100 Deposit

With any transaction one party takes on more risk than the other. We like our roof painting clients to feel they are in control and not at risk at any time during our transaction. Hence we don’t ask for any money up front prior to starting the job. To accept our quote and book in the roof painting job is just $100. Balance paid upon completion.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a the Dulux 15 year warranty on all Adelaide Roof painting jobs that have never been coated before. We are able to supply the warranty as we are a Dulux certified applicator.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry via the website. With the use of our paid service for the latest aerial imagery we can give you an accurate estimate of what a roof painting may cost and entail for your property. In most cases we can send you a formal quote within minutes.

Great Reviews

We have 5 star Google reviews. All written by real people. No fakes reviews here.


Yes, All Roof Restoration Adelaide actually undertake roof painting all throughout the year. We tend to concentrate on the tiled roofs only during the middle of winter wait for the spring months to recommence these and roof painting jobs in the Adelaide Hills.

Yes it can certainly be done again. We will inspect your roof to check the condition of the painted surface before starting. In these cases the Dulux 15 year warranty does not apply however All Roof Restoration Adelaide offer customers a 5 year warranty directly from us.

Every job is different but on an average single story house we would probably take 3-4 days depending on weather conditions at the time.

Every roof is a little different but as an approximate figure a single story house is often around the $6500+GST mark While a two story house could be $8000+GST or more depending on access and roof pitch.

In simple terms, No. Dulux still don’t offer any form of warranty on painting if a Terracotta roof and therefore it is not a service that we can offer.

Yes All Roof Restoration Adelaide is fully licenced with OCBA. This can be verified with a search on the OCBA website.

Yes we do, we offer finance through our partner Handy Pay. Follow this link to apply.

The roof painting system is a 3 coat system. One coat of primer and 2 coats of colour. We use the very best primer on the market being the Dulux Hi-Build primer. The following two colour coats are nice and heavy and never mixed with water like other roof painters do.

 Yes. Moss only grown on porous concrete roof tiles that have absorbed rain water. Following roof painting your tiled roof will be fully sealed and impervious to water and you will never see moss again.

We really price each job separately and don’t just go by square metres. A typical 4 bedroom single story house with a roof area around 250sqm would be around the $6500+GST mark.

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