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Roof Sealing and Coating for Tiled Roofs In Adelaide

All Roof Restoration can seal your tiled roof and ensure its serviceable life is prolonged significantly. Concrete roof tiles are very durable when kept Sealed and can last for generations with the right maintenance. When you get a roof sealed from All Roof Restoration Adelaide you can be sure your concrete tiles are no longer porous and therefore not progressively becoming brittle. All our roof sealing projects come with the Dulux 15 year roof sealing warranty.


There are many benefits to sealing a roof. Many roofs around Adelaide are not maintained and become porous over the years. The concrete tile being in a porous state is what weakens the tile over time. The repeated cycle of absorbing rain water and then drying out makes the tile eventually become brittle and highly prone to breakage. By re-sealing a tiled roof 15 – 20 years a tiled roof never becomes porous and can almost outlast the house it sits on.



With every roof sealing project undertaken by All Roof Restoration Adelaide we issue a Dulux 15 year roof coating warranty. We are able to do this as we are a Dulux certified applicator and have the backing of the best roof coating manufacturer in the industry.

Roof Cleaning

We clean the concrete roof tiles with high pressure water. During the cleaning process we remove any moss and white spots caused by lichen. We unsure all dirt and grime is removed from the surface of the tile so that our primer get a good bond.

Roof Repairs

All broken and chipped tiles are replaced. Any bedding that has come loose though the cleaning process is restored.


Part of a top quality roof sealing is ensuring all roof pointing is redone. We use the best pointing compound on the market ensuring it is flexible and wont crack at the slightest roof movement as the old roof pointing did.

Roof Sealing

The application of the roof sealer or membrane is the most important of all. We unsure our products are contaminant free and never mix water with the product like many other companies do. We use the white colour Hi-Build sealer primer from Dulux as this is the best on the market and ensures the new roof  is fully sealed off and lasts for decades to come.

Roof sealing with solar panels

If your roof is older than 25 years and has never been sealed then it could be worthwhile to pay a little extra and get our solar electrician to temporarily remove your solar panels. This allows us full access to every part of the roof and ensures that there are no porous tiles left remaining on the roof. It also allows our roof warranty to come every part of the roof. If this is something that interests you we will arrange it all for you so that you are only dealing with one person for the whole process. Our solar electrician always test the system and issues a certification with every job.

Why use US TO SEAL YOUR ROOF IN Adelaide?

Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated Adelaide Roof Sealing business.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in Roof Sealing and nothing else. We don’t have sales people just Trades people.

$100 Deposit

To accept our quote and book in the job is just $100. Balance paid upon completion.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry. With the use of the latest aerial imagery we can give you an accurate estimate of what sealing of your tiled roof may cost.


Yes we certainly do. For an online estimate click here. We will have a good look at your roof from Near Maps and Google street view and give you a very accurate estimate on the cost of roof sealing for your roof. If you are happy with our estimate the next step is for one of our roof workers to have a quick onsite inspection (which you don’t need to be home for) and then we will issue a formal quote and get your job booked in.

As a Dulux certified applicator we are able to give you a 15 year Dulux warranty on your new roof sealing job. This covers any flaking or peeling of the new coating for 15 years. We have never made a warranty claim once though.

Yes, this most likely indicates that your roof tiles are porous and would certainly benefit from roof sealing.

We service most of metropolitan Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.

There are really hundreds of Colours in the Dulux range. Each and every Colourbond colour is in the range but there are many other colours also.

Yes, we can certainly offer the Dulux Cool roof coating as an option. The product is highly effective and usually cost around $1200+GST in addition to the standard roof seal.

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