Does my home need a roof replacement?

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Do you suspect that the condition of your tiled roof has diminished significantly over recent years? Your roof’s age may reveal itself in the subtle signs of cracking, broken tiles or even a build-up of moss or lichen. Many homeowners are only aware of their roof’s actual condition once they reach out to a roofing contractor, only to discover their roof is far beyond the help of a roof restoration and requires a roof replacement. So how exactly do the experts determine the line between a roof still viable for repair and one needing replacement? This article will share some of our key considerations when contemplating the best renovation options for Adelaide’s rooftops. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of these services, be sure to stay tuned!

A roof replacement is the ultimate investment for any roof; the benefits significantly outweigh those achieved with roof restoration. However, it’s essential to remember that you get what you pay for, and the typical roof replacement cost is usually around 3 – 4 times that of the same roof undergoing restoration.

The benefits of a roof replacement over a restoration

Improved roof performance

The performance of a new insulated COLORBOND® roof is a significant improvement over older tiles, regardless of whether they have been recently restored. A new COLORBOND® roof will have notably increased insulation in terms of thermal and acoustic performance compared to the original tiled roof. Home occupants usually report noticing a noise reduction, especially during heavy rain. Yet the benefits of insulation aren’t limited to your home’s acoustics. The increased thermal insulation of an insulated COLORBOND® roof often results in lower heating and cooling costs.

Roof Weight reduction

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the significant weight carried by the concrete tiled roof above their heads. An average-sized concrete tiled roof on a typical home will have a mass between 15 and 25 tonnes. In an older home, the massive weight of the roof cladding can often result in a sagged roof structure. This defect appears as unsightly waves in the roof surface when viewed from ground level and can diminish the property’s value. A new COLORBOND® roof is around ten times lighter than the original tiled roof. The reduction in weight helps an old home to stabilise further footing subsidence and reduces further cracking in walls.

Thermal mass effect

Another point to consider in climates with hot summers, such as Adelaide, is the heat sink effect of a concrete tiled roof vs an insulated COLORBOND® roof. In mid-summer, a concrete tiled roof can remain warm for hours after the sun has set and continue dispersing heat into the home. This is because a concrete tiled roof has significant thermal mass. The thermal mass of a COLORBOND® roof, however, is significantly lower. COLORBOND® roofing cools down very quickly following sunset and thus allows the home to cool quicker too.

Increased aesthetic appeal

With the many colour options available in the new COLORBOND® range, there is a colour to suit every house. The property can see a significant enhancement with a new colour and, in many instances, made to look decades newer just by choosing a revamped roofing shade.

Warranty and property value

Typical workmanship and material warranties for a roof replacement are 20 years, giving the owner the comfort of knowing that the roof is fully covered if anything were to go wrong during that time. If the home is sold following a roof replacement, the warranties are still valid, and in many cases, the property’s value will have increased by more than the cost of the replacement itself. The seller can also rest assured that any potential pre-purchase building inspection conducted by the buyer will not reveal defects in the roofing system.

When should I consider a roof restoration?

A roof restoration can be an excellent option for properties with a younger tiled roof (typically under 40 years old). While a roof restoration is not accompanied by all the benefits of a complete roof replacement, the cost is significantly lower. Moreover, the work is usually less invasive and is completed in a shorter turnaround time. For more information on our roof restoration process, contact us today on 0484 582 133.

Wrapping Up!

Ultimately, a roof’s current condition and age determine whether a roof replacement or restoration is the best way forward. Venerable roofs that have served their purpose for over 40 years are generally ideal candidates for a roof replacement. This is especially true if they have been neglected and remained in a porous state for a prolonged period. In such cases, there can be so many broken tiles and leak points that restoration becomes very expensive and offers less value when compared to a total roof replacement. At All Roof Restoration Adelaide, we can assess your roof and provide various solutions tailored to your needs. With our experienced team, quality materials, and professional customer service, you can ensure your roof is in the best hands. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help make your roofing project a success.

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