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Do you own one of many tens of thousands of Adelaide homes built with an un-insulated metal roof? If so you may find your roof to be particularly noisy during rain and wind, especially hot during a long Adelaide summer and cold during winter. All Roof Restoration Adelaide specialise in retrofitting of Roof Insulation blanket to an original roof installed and time of build with no Insulation. The process is quite simple and methodical and requires us to lift each and every roof sheet from the roof, cut a 50mm foil backed Insulation blanket to size and reinstall the roof sheet with the blanket directly underneath. We always replace all the roof screws in the process with Colour matched new. The performance of a roof both thermally and acoustically is significantly enhanced following the retro fit and it makes for a great investment in any metal roof home.


With the extremes of weather between the summers and winters in Adelaide, roof Insulation plays an important role in maintaining comfort and performance of a roof both thermally and acoustically. A home’s insulation is essential in keeping your energy bills down and maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round. If you find your home chilly during winter and struggle to keep it cool during summer, then chances are your home Insulation may not be adequate.

Around 70% of the heat energy in a typical home passes through the roof and ceiling system. Having substandard or underperforming ceiling and roof insulation can dramatically increase the cost of heating and cooling bills. The good news is that thermal insulation services can dramatically reduce this loss in energy. Our team has many years of experience in the industry and is passionate about helping Adelaide homeowners install roof insulation to help improve the thermal efficiency of their homes.


Many owners of an older home with an original tiled roof choose to undertake re-roofing or roof replacement with an Insulated Colourbond roof. As it is not possible to install roofing blanket to an original tiled roof the conversion to Insulated Colourbond allows this. There are many other benefits receive during the conversion and it can also be a good time to have the entire roof space vacuum cleaned out and upgraded ceiling Insulation installed also.


There are two main types of roof Insulation upgrades for residential homes. Each is different and provides different benefits.

Roof Insulation blanket retrofit for roof sheeting

Many homes around Adelaide are constructed with an original Iron or Colourbond roof that has no lining or insulation product fitted directly under the roof sheeting. With no insulation lining the roof sheeting, it is very easy for heat and cold to pass through the roof sheet and into the roof space. We offer the service of retrofitting foil backed insulation blankets directly under the roof sheeting. In this process, we progressively remove every roof sheet, usually two at a time, lay the new roof insulation over the framework and reinstall the original roof sheet with new roof screws. The process only takes a few days on an average roof. Still, it allows any iron roof to be retrofitted with an Insulation blanket directly under the roof sheeting, slowing the transfer of heat and cold at the source.

Roof space vacuum cleaning and re-insulating

Many homes around Adelaide have inadequate insulation and dusty roof space. In this process, we provide a solution to both of these problems. We remove any original ceiling Insulation, whether this is batts or blown-in type. Then the entire roof space is vacuum cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaning machine. We then dispose of all the waste and re-line the ceiling with new insulation. While there are many insulation types available, we use R4 or R5 Insulation batts in most cases. Batts arrive in pre-cut rectangles suited to most ceiling joist centres, making the installation process quicker and easier.

Many of our clients get their ceiling Insulation upgraded in conjunction with a full roof replacement. It is often an Ideal time to undertake the work as we plan for the ceiling Insulation to be replaced just a matter of days before the roof replacement starts. This means that the roof space is clean and clear of years of dust and debris just before it is fully sealed off with the new Colourbond roof.


Typical cost in retro fit roof insulation blanket under and existing Colourbond roof are between $8000 and $12,000 + GST. Factors determining the cost are physical size of the roof area being fitted, height of the roof level above ground and roof pitch. The job usually take two to three days to completed and all original roof screws are replaced during the process.


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Yes, there is no problem with the home remaining occupied during the process, the only impact to the owners being some moderate noise coming from workers on the roof and a skip bin in the front yard.
Yes it certainly can. Anything that increases the overall thermal Insulation of a roof and house will help in reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

If you have a colourbond roof and don’t have blanket Insulated (different from sarking) then the answer is probably no. Roof Insulation could benefit your home.

Yes, the difference in noise coming from the roof is significant. All thermal expansion creaking noises when the sun hits the roof are practically eliminated. Rain goes from extremely noisy to almost silent.

Ceiling insulation are batts that sit directly on top of the ceiling. Roof blanket insulation sites directly under the roof sheeting.

Unfortunately roof blanket insulation can really only be fitted to a Colourbond or metal roof. Many clients choose to convert an old tiled roof to a new Insulated Colourbond roof by way of a roof replacement or re-roofing.

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