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We offer top quality tile roof restoration for Adelaide homes, at an affordable price. Our expert team will have your tile roof looking like new again in no time. A certified Dulux Applicator


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At All Roof Restoration Adelaide we only do tiled roof restoration and nothing else. Having our focus on one single element of home renovation allows us to deliver the best outcome on every finished job. When you contact us your dealing with an experienced trades person from start to finish. We don’t have sales people and don’t sell gimmicks.

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A concrete tile roof with adequate maintenance can last and perform for decades, even outlasting the house itself in some cases. The key to this long serviceable life is to ensure the tiles never become porous. When concrete roof tiles become porous they absorb water with each rain event. This cycle of repeated absorption and drying out ultimately weakens the tile, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. By undertaking a full roof restoration every fifteen years the tiles are really never in a porous state and last so much longer.



As a Dulux certified applicator we are able to pass on a Dulux 15 Year Tiled Roof Restoration Warranty with each roof restoration we undertake. The process of roof restoration is systematic with no corners cut and no compromises made.

Roof Cleaning

The entire roof surface is high pressure cleaned to remove years of dirt, grime and any moss or lichen. We ensure this stage is done well as the cleaner the roof is the better the primer will bond.

Roof Repairs

All repairs and defects are rectified at this point. Any broken tiles are changed.


The roof is now fully repointed. The modern pointing compounds we use are highly flexible and wont crack with slight roof movement as the old cement based pointing did.

Roof Coating

The finals step is to coat the roof. We start with the Dulux High-Build primer. This is the best primer on the market and is white in colour. Following the primer coat and two generous colour coats in any chosen colour. We unsure our colour coats are nice and thick, and we never dilute the mixture with water to save a dollar like many other roof restoration companies.

Solar panels and Tile Roof Restoration

If you about to undertake a tile roof restoration on a roof with solar panels there are two options. On roofs that are in reasonable condition and probably less than 25 years old, it is usually fine to leave the solar panels in place and simply coat the roof around them. For roofs that may be older or that are obviously very porous are recommendation is often to pay a little extra and have the solar panels temporarily removed and reinstated by our solar electrician. The benefits to undertaking the roof restoration in this way is that every part of the roof has been coated and can therefore be warranted. It also means that should you with to reconfigure your solar array in the future you wont have to contend with parts of the roof that are still original colour.

Why use All Roof Restoration Adelaide?

Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated Adelaide Roof Restoration business.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in Tile Roof Restoration and nothing else. We don’t have sales people just Trades people.

$100 Deposit

To accept our quote and book in the job is just $100. Balance paid upon completion.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry. With the use of the latest aerial imagery we can give you an accurate estimate of what Roof Restoration for your property may cost.

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Yes we do roof restoration all year round in Adelaide. The process tends to be a little slower during the middle of winter as we need reasonable weather days to perform parts of the roof restoration.

Yes. There are many colours in the Dulux range and they can even make custom colours sometimes. The colour of your new roof restoration is not dependant on the original colour of your roof.

In most cases this is absolutely fine. The Dulux 15 years roof restoration warranty does not apply in this case and we personally issue a 5 year warranty.

This really depends on this size and complexity of the roof restoration but we generally finish a job in 3 site visits during reasonable weather.

For a single story home in reasonable condition our prices are often around $6500+GST. Obviously for larger and more challenging roofs the cost is higher and for 2 story properties the cost is often $8000+GST and higher.

In most instances the answer to this is no. Terracotta tiles are completely different to concrete tile in that they almost always start to “fret” and crumble after 30 – 40 years. This means that the tiles become very brittle and really should no longer be walked upon. In most instances we recommend clients undertake a full roof replacement in this case.

Even in the case that a Terracotta roof is not yet fretting we really don’t recommend coating or painting a Terracotta roof. While there are some companies out there doing this Dulux do not offer any warranty on these and therefore don’t recommend it.

Yes All Roof Restoration is fully licenced with OCBA. This can be verified with a search on the OCBA website.

Yes we have a partner finance company which is Handy Pay. To apply for finance for a roof restoration with us click here for Handypay application.

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