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Adelaide Re-roofing direct to the home owner.

All Roof Restoration Adelaide can re-roof your property to the highest standards. With all our reroofing work done in house and not just flicked off to the next available sub-contractor our standards are kept high, our screws lines dead straight and quality of work exceptional. Our small crew of roofing workers have been with us for a long time and take pride in delivering quality re-roofing work on all our jobs.

Re-roofing can be a great investment

When you love the charm of your older house and have no need or plans to move on anytime soon re-roofing can be a great investment and improvement to a property. Often the performance of a roof system in an older property can be poor. Lack of thermal and acoustic insulation, gaps and drafts from old tiles and vermin or possum incursion are among the many common problems found with older roofs. With re-roofing and conversion from old tiled roof to Insulated Colourbond all these problems are eliminated at once. With new Colourbond products coming with a 20 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the workmanship you receive from us, re-roofing is a fantastic, worry free option for decades following.

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The benefits of Re-roofing your Adelaide home are many

Following an investment in re-roofing for your home you will find many benefits of your new roof. The benefits are the greatest when converting an old tiled roof, either concrete tile or Terracotta tile, to a new Insulated Colourbond roof. This form of conversion is becoming more popular every year as many Adelaide home owners become sick of roof leaks and dust problems with their ageing tiled roof.

Roof Insulation

With the application of Roofing insulation blanket installed directly under the new roof sheeting, your new roof will be far superior to the old in both thermal and acoustic Insulation. Even during heavy rain events the noise suppression effect of an insulated roof are significant, with some home owners reporting the new insulated Colourbond roof is even quieter than the original tiled roof. We only use the best Quality Australian made roofing Insulation blanket from CSR Bradford.

roof insulation benefit of re-roofing
roof weight reduction benefit of re-roofing

Roof Weight reduction

A roof clad with concrete or Terracotta roof tiles is actually one of the heaviest elements of a home. Its not surprising to see so many older tiled roof sagging and wavy when you consider the incredible mass of the tiled roof. Even the smallest of homes will have more than 10 Tonne of tiles cladding its roof with a large 4 bedroom home closer to the 20 tonne mark. When a conversion to Insulated Colourbond is made the roof becomes 10 times lighter than the original. This massive weight reduction means no further sagging in the structure will take place. It even helps reducing further cracking in walls and footing subsidence in the future.

Street appeal and property value

A new professionally installed Colourbond roof can drastically change the look of an older home. With the many colours available in the Bluescope Colourbond range there is a colour to suit any home. The value of a property following the installation of a new Colourbond roof will be increased and almost always by a greater amount than the cost of the roof itself. The satisfaction that comes for the current or future buyer with a 20 year warranty is worth a lot.
street appeal benefit of re-roofing

Why us RE-ROOFING IN Adelaide?

Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated Adelaide Re-roofing business and not part of a larger company or national franchise system like many other reroofing business.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in Re-Roofing and nothing else. We don’t have any sales people just Trades people. The person you speak to on the phone or when having your roof inspected has significant personal experience with reroofing and wasn’t selling TVs at Harvey Norman last week.

Quality Products

For all our reroofing projects We only use the best quality products from Australian manufactures such as Bluescope Colourbond and CSR bradford. These reroofing products come with the longest strongest warranties and best support.

Quality Work

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality finished reroofing work to the Adelaide public. We are not a quick and cheap type model. We offer mid range pricing with top quality work and therefore offer a great value option to the Adelaide home owner.

$100 Deposit

With any transaction one party takes on more risk than the other. We like our new re-roofing clients to feel that they are in control and not at risk at any time during our transaction. Hence we don’t ask for any money up front prior to starting the job. To accept our quote and book in the job is just $100. Balance paid upon completion or in stages for reroofing projects.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry via the website. With the use of our paid service for the latest aerial imagery we can give you an accurate estimate of what a reroofing may cost and entail for your property. In most cases we can send you a formal reroofing quote within minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship on all our Adelaide reroofing projects. This means that we are liable for any defect or imperfection that may arise with your new roof directly caused by workmanship. The product warranties are also very strong with most colours of Bluescope colourbond roof sheeting now coming with a minimum 20 year warranty.

Great reviews

We have 5 star Google reviews. All written by real people. No fakes reviews here.


Yes, with the use of our latest subscription aerial software and our past experience from years of reroofing projects we are usually able to give potential clients a detailed and accurate estimate of what reroofing may cost over the phone or via online enquiry.

Modern Colourbond roofing components come with a warranty of 20 – 25 years with some conditions and qualifications. Our warranty covering workmanship is lifetime.

The quickest way to obtain this answer is to give us a call or send an online enquiry. We can generally let you know very quickly whether roof restoration may be a feasible option for your property or if re-roofing is the only option.

There are many colours in the modern Colourbond range. The most popular by far are Monument and Woodland Grey but we also quite often do a Surfmist white or a Manor red. We often give new clients a list of our past jobs and their colours so they may drive past and see the colour in real life rather than from behind a screen.

The short answer is yes. We highly recommend each client pay a little more and get a new Colourbond roof lined with insulation blanket. This keeps the roof much cooler in summer and quieter all year round. In many cases our past customers report having the roof quieter than the original tiled roof!

Yes, we do re-roofing all over greater Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.
Yes All roof Restoration Adelaide is a fully licenced building work contractor. Our licence details can be checked with OCBA at anytime.
No, we don’t charge anything for materials etc prior to starting the job. Just $100+GST is all it takes to accept our quote and book in a job.

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