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A typical set of gutters and downpipes on an Australian home tend to last 30 – 40 years before significant problems start becoming obvious. If your gutters are leaking or rusty then give us a call to arrange a replacement set. We are professional roof tradesmen and personally undertake all our work. We only use top quality gutter materials from Bluescope Colourbond and offer a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship.

Cost of Gutter Replacement In Adelaide

The cost of replacement gutters and downpipes in Adelaide varies from house to house. Some of the factors influencing the cost and the total length, in lineal metres of gutter run to be done, whether the property is single or double story and the overall complexity of the job. A typical Adelaide home of single story and reasonable access will usually be around $5500 – $6000+GST. As the typical house will often have 65 – 70 lineal metres of guttering this equates to an average lineal metre rate for gutter replacement to be around $90 per lineal metre plus GST of 10%. To get a quick idea on the cost to replace your house gutters, just fill in our enquiry form. We can measure your gutter lengths from our aerial software and give you a price very quickly.

Adelaide Gutter Replacement Cost
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Replacing your old gutters and downpipes ensures you have another 30 – 40 years of perfectly functioning roof drainage system. With the increased chances of freak storms in the Adelaide region over recent years its also a good Idea when replacing gutters to fit a gutter of adequate or increased water flow capacity. We also recommend the installation of 90mm PVC round downpipes as opposed to the small and metal original downpipes.


If your house roof needs a restoration then there is no better time to have your old gutters replaced. Often the corner hip capping tiles need to be pushed up and slightly broken during the gutter replacement but this matters not when we follow the gutter replacement with a full roof restoration as all the hip cap tiles are repointed. We usually plan to clean the old dirty roof while the old gutters are still in place. This ensures that no debris and moss and flushed into the new gutters. This process ensures the best finished result for the whole job.
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Not a Franchised Business

We are a locally owned and operated Adelaide Gutter replacement business and not part of a larger company or national franchise system like many other roofing and guttering companies.

We don’t have sales people

We are experts in guttering and roofing and nothing else. We don’t have any sales people, just Trades people. The person you speak to on the phone or when having your roof inspected has significant personal experience with Adelaide gutters and wasn’t selling TVs at Harvey Norman last week.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality finished gutters and downpipes to the Adelaide public. We are not a quick and cheap type model. We offer mid range pricing with top quality work and therefore offer a great value option to the Adelaide home owner.

Quality Work

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality finished roof restorations to the Adelaide public. We are not a quick and cheap type model. We offer mid range pricing with top quality work and therefore offer a great value option to the Adelaide home owner.

$100 Deposit

With any transaction one party takes on more risk than the other. We like our new gutter replacement clients to feel that they are in control and not at risk at any time during our transaction. Hence we don’t ask for any money up front prior to starting the job. To accept our quote and book in the job is just $100. Balance paid upon completion of your replacement gutters.

Online Estimates

Give us a call or send an enquiry via the website. With the use of our paid service for the latest aerial imagery we can usually tell you almost instantly what a set of replacement gutters may cost for your home.  In most cases we can send you a formal gutter replacement quote within minutes.

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship on all our Adelaide gutter replacement projects. This means that we are liable for any defect or imperfection that may arise with your new gutters directly caused by workmanship. The product warranties are also very strong and the best in the industry as they are from genuine Bluescope Colourbond.

Great Reviews

We have 5 star Google reviews. All written by real people. No fakes reviews here.


 Yes we undertake gutter replacement across Adelaide right through the year. Our guttering work can get done a little slower during winter but there is no reason to hold off until summer for a gutter replacement.

Yes. This is actually a great time to be done and allows us to deliver a better quality job overall. We always pressure clean the tile roof first. This unsures all the debris and mess is caught by the old gutters. We then replace the gutters and continue with the restoration.

Generally the answer is yes. This is often due to guttering being undersized and or in adequate downpipes being fitted to the gutters. With our gutter replacement jobs we try to make all the downpipes 90mm round straight out of the gutter. The 90mm round downpipes have double the water flow capacity of the little old 50mm x 100mm metal downpipes that many homes have.

This really depends on the size and scope of the Adelaide gutter replacement job but for a typical single story house with 60 – 80 lineal metres of guttering the job will take two men, two days to complete.

Every house is different but around $5000 - $6000 + GST will usually cover an average house.

Yes and no. We recommend never installing a gutter with less cross sectional capacity than the original. This ensures the gutters capability for dealing with significant rain events is still intact and not reduced at all for looks. The good thing is most gutter profiles are actually slightly larger than they were 30 years age and hence rarely a problem.

We only use gutters roll formed from Genuine Colourbond Bluescope steel. These come with the longest and strongest warranties and are well worth paying a little extra for.

Yes we certainly can. We can often undertake a fascia replacement or clad the fascias with Colourbond metal fascia and then install nice new gutters over the top.

There are a few factors that affect the serviceable life of gutters. Distance to salty air and regular maintenance being the most important. A typical set of gutters in Australia will last 30 – 40 years. Usually by the 40 year mark the outside of the gutters may still look ok but the inside looks like the adjacent picture with considerable rust and corrosion in the base. Gutters in this state are at the end of their life and may spring leaks at any time.

Yes we are a fully licenced builder and can be searched on OCBA.

Yes we do, visit our Handy pay page for more information. 

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